Diocese of Lake Victoria Update

A Message from Bishop Charles of Tanzania.

“Dear Saints, warm greetings from the Diocese of Lake Victoria just an update of the Lord’s doings in the Diocese of Lake Victoria,it has been our practice for 7 years now as a Diocese to enter a season of fasting prayers for 21 days every beginning of the year all the members of our Diocese are encouraged to set apart these days for prayers, thru this prayer we have seen God doing numerous miracles in the lives of the people,many people are being set free and have also witnessed a lot of conversions to the kingdom of God,I am glad the church of the resurrection in Wichita under Fr. Dr Terry joined us this year they did it for 7 days Hallelujah, the fasting prayers started on the 6th and ended on the 26th January at the last day of our prayers the faithful are encouraged to write their prayers requests privately of which they believe God to answer them this year 2019 then put in the envelopes and seal it they will then bring to the cathedral on the last days where the priest/Bishop after an intensive prayers would set them on fire this is just a symbolic and faith contact already there is a lot of unbelievable and encouraging testimonies coming from the saints that God is answering their prayers, we now experience unending church growth and revival in our Diocese
It has been also our practice that soon after the fasting prayers we meet at the Cathedral for Thanksgiving Sunday to celebrate the goodness of our Lord we just did this last Sunday whereby all our Area Deans and Canons were in attendance. Thank God also that the expansion work at the Cathedral is over so we have enough space to accommodate new believers.

May the Lord continue blessing our great church worldwide, my call ” Let us be aggressive in prayers” God still answers the fervent prayers of His saints.

I send you some photos that reflects what I have just shared thank God my wife Martha also is a prayer warrior.”

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