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Theological Commission

The U.S. Theological Commission met February 5-7 at St. Luke CEC in Manchester, Georgia. The Theological Commission completed work on the last addendum to the Ecclesiology Paper, an addendum on Apostolic Succession. This will be presented to the next House of Bishops for their consideration. Preliminary work was done on several other topics including, our CEC Heritage, Human Sexuality, and Holy Matrimony. The Theological Commission hopes to do additional work on these papers in a scheduled meeting in June. The projects of the Commission are posted on the CEC-NA after they are approved by the U.S. House of Bishops. Present at this meeting were Bishop David Simpson, Canon Glen Davis, Canon Robert Wills, and Fr. Terry Hedrick. They are pictured in the attached photos

Theological Commission meeting

Rev. Fr. Robert W. Wills Th.D.


Canon Theologian to the Mid South Diocese of the Charismatic Episcopal Church

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Theological Commission

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